Forest School

This term we are back at Forest School and the children are having a brilliant time. As the weather gets colder and wetter it is important to make sure your child is dressed appropriately. A waterproof suit and wellies with warm, old clothes underneath is ideal. Please also provide them with a complete change of clothes for after Forest School, including pants, socks and a coat as well as their school uniform. 

Thank you


Sharing Stories

We are very sorry that we have not blogged for two weeks! Tattybogle rather took over.

Tonight when you are sharing stories have a look for plurals.

Can you find examples where an ‘s’ has been added? Eg. Dog and dogs

Can you find examples where ‘es’ has been added? Eg. fox and foxes

Can you find a word that changes completely when it’s plural? Eg. Mouse and mice

Can you find a word that stays the same when it is plural? Eg. Sheep and sheep

Happy hunting!

Sharing Stories

Tonight when you are sharing stories see how much of the story you can retell. Can you remember how the story started? Can you remember what happened next? Can you remember how the story ended?

Retelling familiar stories is a useful skill to improve our own story writing.

Reading Books

We have now collected in the children’s school reading books. If you still have a school book at home please return it before the end of term as we need to stock-take. 

Enjoy reading over the summer, and remember you can still share any great reading ideas on this blog. 

Sharing Stories

We have really enjoyed reading about the stories that you have shared at home this year.  Thank you all so much for posting on the class blog and sharing the love of reading with your children.  Tonight will be our final sharing stories blog this year but please don’t stop enjoying stories together and posting on the blog, even when you are in a different class!

Tonight choose any  book you like and tell us what you like about it.  Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why would you recommend it?

Happy reading everyone!!