Reading Books

We have now collected in the children’s school reading books. If you still have a school book at home please return it before the end of term as we need to stock-take. 

Enjoy reading over the summer, and remember you can still share any great reading ideas on this blog. 


Sharing Stories

We have really enjoyed reading about the stories that you have shared at home this year.  Thank you all so much for posting on the class blog and sharing the love of reading with your children.  Tonight will be our final sharing stories blog this year but please don’t stop enjoying stories together and posting on the blog, even when you are in a different class!

Tonight choose any  book you like and tell us what you like about it.  Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why would you recommend it?

Happy reading everyone!!

Church Walk

I walked the path today and it is dry – no muddy patches. The weather forecast is good so trainers should be fine. Please remember to apply sun lotion before you leave home and bring an extra drink.

New friends!

We are so proud of how the Year 1 children have helped the Wrens and Finches during their visits. They have shown the Reception children around, helped them find what they need and chatted to them about what it’s like in Year 1. They have been so helpful in making the Reception children feel welcome and settled. 

A big thank you to you all from the Year 1 team.

Fabulous French Word Challenge

Lots of Owls and Larks have told me that they love practising French at home with their families, so I have decided to begin a weekly Word Challenge to discover the meaning of a new French word.

I have been very impressed with the comments that you have been posting, and Success Stars have been awarded – Bravo!

We are still practising our seaside words and have got rather good at singing ‘J’aime la plage’.  This week’s challenge is to find out the French for things that we wear to the beach, how would you say hat, swimming costume or flip flops?  Can you think of any more?

Comment below or tell me next week.

Bonne Chance! 😀

Mme Haines